Altair GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System

- General Features

Altair GPS & FMS Dashboard

Altair Dashboard is an online interface that enables user to access and set parameters. Information such as real time tracking, driving history, speed alert and geo-fence setting can be viewed and defined in the Altair Dashboard Interface. Besides that, user personal details and vehicle profile can be viewed and managed here as well. User also has the ability to set reminders of events such as car maintenance date or when will be the next battery or car tire change.

Real time tracking 24/7

Utilization of Vehicle Real Time Tracking allow owners to view the current location of their vehicle at anywhere and anytime where the position will be displayed on the Altair Dashboard. Altair platform provides vehicle LIVE status and activity.

Driving History

All driving information such as driving route, speed, date and time are recorded and stored in Altair cloud server. Users are able to view their driving history and trip detail information at anytime. Similar to the video replay, driving history can be viewed via Altair Dashboard.

Speed Violation Alert

The speed of your vehicle is recorded in the Altair GPS server. A speed limit can be set and an alert message can be sent through email when the speed of the vehicle exceeds the preset limit. Speed Violation Report are available.

Tampering Alert

In an instance, if someone tries to disconnect the power supply to Altair GPS unit, an email and system alert will be sent to the owner to notify of such event. The Notification require pre configuration.


Geo-fencing is a virtual perimeter or boundary that can be set up for from Altair Dashboard. Geo-fence area will be displayed on the online map from Altair Dashboard. An alert message will be sent through email or SMS if the vehicle crosses the geo-fence perimeter. Unlimited Geo-fence can be created.


Vehicle can be Immobilize remotely. Upon client requirement for Immobilizer, in a situation when a vehicle is being hijacked or stolen, the owner have the capacity tosend Command to the GPS device installed in the vehicle and immobilize the vehicle remotely.

Hijack/Panic/SOS Button

A hidden and reachable Panic/SOS button can be installed in client vehicle. If this button is pressed it will indicate a distress or panic situation. A distress alert will be triggered and email will be send to client in-charge officer

Email/SMS Notification

When there is notification or signal generated to respond to alert, notification or any preset parameter, user will receive notification by email. Depending on alert situation, Altair Response Centre might also receive the notification as backup especially for distress notification.

Driver Identification - iButton

With Driver ID feature, only the driver with the ID tag is able to start the vehicle. Operation report will reflect the name of the driver using any particular vehicle.

Internal Backup Battery

Altair GPS unit comes with an internal rechargeable battery. When power from vehicle are loss or tampered with, Altair GPS device will continue to function normally and powered by the internal battery. The battery will self-charge during normal operation.

Vehicle Status Indicator

At anytime user are able to check and monitor vehicle status. Whether the vehicle is turned on or off or is it moving or stationary, etc.

Altair Software Auto Update

From time to time Altair software will require updating and the updating of Altair GPS unit will be done automatically. No visit to service centre is required.

ALTAIR Response Centre

Altair Response Centre (ARC) operates to support Altair customer. Our personnel will assist Altair customer especially for support.

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