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GPS Tracking System and Fleet Management System in Malaysia has been in the market, offering services to clients since way back in the 90’s and has evolves through the years with better improvisation with latest technology advancement and integration into the platform. Altair GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System have been operating in Malaysia since 2012. Besides Malaysia Altair FMS platform have been operating much earlier, in 2008 in the Middle East, Africa and Europe with bigger client base of more than 800 clients and reaching almost 1,000,000 vehicles/assets running on Altair cloud.

• AltairGPS Sdn Bhd is a local company registered in Malaysia for the sole purpose of developing, operating and managing the Altair FMS product and services. • AltairGPS Sdn Bhd has the right on Altair Fleet Management and GPS Tracking System for the South East Asia region market.• The operations and management team of AltairGPS Sdn Bhd has been implementing, operating and managing the Altair FMS Next Generation Fleet Management & GPS tracking solution in Malaysia since 2012 and services multiple client from the government and private sector.

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